Transforming Advertising in the Tourism Industry: A Schauinsland Case Study

Transforming Advertising in the Tourism Industry: A Schauinsland Case Study

Picture: iStock/IconicBestiary


Tourism has long been a driving force behind economic growth and cultural exchange. While travelers often gravitate toward bustling cities and well-known destinations, there’s an emerging trend of exploring hidden gems off the beaten path. In this case study, we’ll take a closer look at how Schauinsland, a renowned German tour operator, has achieved to generate amazingly increased KPIs within various campaigns of fascinating yet often overlooked travel destinations.


The Company: Schauinsland

Schauinsland is one of the largest package tour operators in Europe and is considered the pioneer of “dynamic packaging” in the industry with

  • more than 5,000 hotels in over 60 European vacation destinations and long-distance destinations, including almost all well-known hotel chains worldwide
  • over 1 million happy clients
  • over 1000 employees worldwide
  • annual sales at around 1.18 to 1.8 billion


The Challenge and the Goal

While the tourism industry has boomed in the last months after the pandemic, Schauinsland strives to stand out from the competition: attracting tourists to locations that weren’t on the typical tourist radar with interactive video campaigns. Next to attracting buying customers, the goal was to accalerate important as well as measurable KPIs like CTR, VCR, ER and ROI.


Our Solution

In order for us to achieve these goals, our tech-team has integretated various CTAs in the video campaigns of Schauinsland, rendering them interactive. The chosen interactive overlays included:

  • their interactive logo in the corner, leading to their respective website
  • links to their social media channels
  • animated GIFs with the CTA inciting a booking decision
  • pick and choose options


The goal of our interactive video campaign was to showcase Schauinsland’s commitment to unique, immersive travel experiences and drive key as well as measurable KPIs while converting viewers into buying customers. Through our interactive overlays, we were able to highlight the diversity of Schauinsland’s offerings and increase key KPIs like CTR by three times. Klick here for the full report to get insights into important metrics as well as screen recordings of the campaigns.