Linear vs. Interactive Video-Ads: Why Interactive Video-Campaigns should be the New Normal

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In the ever-evolving realm of digital advertising, marketing trends come and go constantly. It’s getting harder and harder to identify what’s worth investing time and money in, while brands are desperately trying to find innovative methods that effectively captivate their target audiences. So how do you find out which strategy is here to stay? What has an effective longevity and what qualifies as just another short-term half-measure?

When it comes to marketing campaigns, video ads have proven to be a remarkably compelling form of content that engages viewers through visual storytelling. They have shown to be an incredibly valuable tool for HR campaigns, branding purposes, or to drive purchase intent. However, as every Internet user is inundated with tons of video ads every time they’re online, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out to your preferred audience – even if your campaign is creative and memorable.

Nonetheless, the advent of interactive video advertisements has sparked a revolution in the advertising landscape, surpassing traditional linear video ads in terms of audience engagement and conversion rates. Here’s why.

User Journey: A Truly Engaging Experience

Interactive video ads open up exciting opportunities for viewers to become active collaborators in the content they’re enjoying, elevating them from mere spectators to active participants. Through offering options, raising thought-provoking queries, or granting the freedom to delve into various story avenues, these interactive advertisements cultivate a profound sense of involvement, leading to a richer and unforgettable watching encounter. As evidenced by a research endeavor undertaken by Tremor Video, interactive video ads recorded a staggering 439% surge in user engagement rates when juxtaposed with their traditional linear counterparts.

Memorability of Your Brand

As users actively engage with an advertising encounter, the brand and its central message tend to stay ingrained in their memory. Innovid conducted a survey whose findings unveiled a remarkable 32% boost in brand remembrance when adding interactive elements to video ads. By delivering remarkable and tailor-made encounters, interactive advertisements etch a durable impression in the minds of the audience, which augment the probability of future interactions with the brand.

Raising Click-Through Rates (CTR)

Interactive video advertisements have showcased a remarkable surge in click-through rates. Research from Forbes has shown that interactive video ads boasted a CTR that surpassed linear video ads by an impressive 47%. By introducing viewers to clickable elements and persuasive prompts for action right within the ad, these interactive formats incite instantaneous reactions, thereby driving up the influx of visitors to the brand’s website or dedicated landing page.

Truly Captivating: Prolonged Ad Interaction

Interactive video ads possess the unique ability to maintain viewer engagement for more extended periods. A study by Magnifyre revealed that users spent an average of 47 seconds interacting with an interactive video ad, whereas the average time spent on a linear video ad was merely 18 seconds. The extended exposure to the ad enables brands to convey more information and make a more substantial impact on their target audience.

To sum it up, the emergence of interactive video ads has ushered in a paradigm shift in digital advertising, offering a more captivating and rewarding experience for both brands and consumers. The statistics unequivocally illustrate that interactive video ads excel in terms of user interaction, brand recall, click-through rates, conversion rates, and time spent on the ad when compared to linear video ads.

As brands continue their quest to distinguish themselves in a saturated digital landscape, embracing interactive video ads can prove to be a game-changing strategy, propelling campaigns to new heights of success and fostering deeper connections with their audiences.


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