Achieve your best results with interactive video ads.
Video Ads of the future More traffic More followers More sales Better conversion Higher interaction

Looking to gain an advantage over your competitors?


With our interactive video ad solution, we boost your pre-, mid-roll and outstream video ad.

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Our interactive video solution significantly boosts user engagement by incorporating multiple Call To Action functions within a single video. By doing so, your campaign can achieve a range of goals, captivating a wider audience with diverse interests. This efficient approach ensures that you get the most out of your video campaign.

What’s your campaign goal?

Shoppable Video

Shoppable videos maximise the effect of video advertisement and enables sales through interactive ads, which increases brand awareness, engagement, and sales.


Build trust, foster emotional connections, and stands out from competitors by creating memorable branding experiences. Master the art of communication and turn casual browsers into loyal ambassadors.


Transform your recruitment – combine strategic targeting and convincing story telling about your company culture, which attracts top talents and help you build an extraordinary team.

Do you want to start getting better results now?


We are able to help our clients identify as well as optimize their target audiences by using a range of targeting criteria such as demographics, interests, geography, technology and contextual semantic sentiment factors. Our targeting strategy is future proof and offers a variety of alternatives for a cookieless future.
As a highly personalized (re)targeting option, we also offer Story Ads in a standard or interactive format – available as an individual campaign or as a highly personalised retargeting campaign in addition to your interactive video campaign.

Tailor made solutions based on CPM. Included services below.

Video Editing

Our video editors design and produce your creatives based on your goals, and enhance your video with multiple CTAs to ensure the best possible campaign results. E.g. Increased sales, traffic, conversions.

State of the art targeting

Experience intelligent targeting strategies – adjusted to the user’s data profile, contextual understanding, and semantic mood targeting.

A & B testing

Experiment with A & B testing for your interactive video campaign – simultaneously run two distinct videos to identify the top performer.

Brand Safety

We prioritize maintaining your brand’s integrity, safeguarding it against any content associations that could potentially tarnish its reputation.

Campaign Management

End-to-end campaign supervision combined with continuous optimization – guaranteeing your campaign achieves its utmost potential.

Reporting & Live statistics

Benefit from an in-depth review of performance reporting, enriched by real-time statistics, offering a holistic view of your campaign’s progress and impact.

Why now?

  • Why wait to reach better results with your campaign, if you can reach them now?
    With this solution, it’s possible for you to reach your goals faster than what you’ve predicted.
  • With a regular/linear video campaign, you’d need to invest in more impressions than with an interactive video campaign, in order to achieve the same advertisement impact.
  • Allow us to manage your campaign, make sure it reaches its full potential and become more successful,
    while you use your time to focus on other activities.
  • You can get ahead of your competitors, and stand out within your industry.

Why us?

  • We are a ”one stop shop solution” for your tailor-made online video campaigns.
  • We are the first provider of multiple CTA possibilities that as well combine it with programmatic advertising.
  • We enable your campaign to have multiple purposes, which attract a wider audience through different trigger points.
  • We don’t limit your campaign to one publisher or media channel, but reach your target audience via all websites that allow video advertisement.
  • We A/B test the performance of your creatives.